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, I think it’s fitting to devote a post to a collection of Taiwan actors who breathe life into dramas and movies from that region of the world.

I’ll be giving my personal impressions of these actors, as well as a brief synopsis of their filmographies.

Of course Sonia ended up just fine, nurturing a broken heart for two years after the breakup before meeting and marrying her husband Tony and now having adorable set of son and daughter.For folks who’ve been chilling at my blog for years now, or at least since 2011, this will come as no surprise for you since I wrote an entire post about it when the widely known rumor was first reported in the TW-news.But for others new to TW-ent or have been living under a rock, this will obviously be new and notable – today actor and former idol boy Wu Zun wrote a post on his Weibo admitting that he was married and a father.What will happen if the past comes back after everyone has their happy ending?Ying Jie had known, but she kept making the same mistake. Ying Jie was foolish, thinking that he had really loved her. Do you remember the times when you run across fields?Upon graduation from arts college, he entered the commercial and modeling industry.


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