Dating an attractive guy

According to a new survey by dating site Ok Cupid, women who make the first move increase their chances of dating more attractive men.

The study found that when a woman contacts a man first, 30 percent of those messages turn into a conversation.

humor, charisma, charm, confidence, etc), she actually starts to look at his physical appearance in a positive light.

I could give you anecdotes about how backward that line of thinking is, but you’ll probably be more swayed by new research that says women making the first move is very good — at least online.Imagine what would happen in your life if you knew exactly how to instantly attract women and make them feel an intense emotional connection with you and unstoppable desire for who you are as a guy.Imagine talking to a group of women and effortlessly making them fight over which one will “win” you over…and then picking the woman you feel most attracted to. Getting women to compete over you makes the process of picking up 10x easier, but most guys simply don’t know how to do it. For instance, you will want a file on “Ways to suggest we have a drink”:“Would you like to have a drink with me? ”Once in the taxi, you may need a small flashlight in your purse in order to read the index cards. (“Whereas we are two free human beings freely choosing to associate in the manner that suits us both; and Whereas we feel confident that if we spend some time together we will, being each of us intellectually nimble, in due time find ample ground for conversation …”) “Since You Asked,” the best of Cary Tennis, signed first editions on sale now. ’.”You will also need phrases you can use to initiate activities. ” “Let’s get a taxi and go to a bar I know.” “Would you like to walk out of here with me on your arm and hail a taxi? I remember the day my mind changed about making the first move. I’d called off of work for a desperately needed personal day. He’d been looking at me, and I’d been looking at him, each of us exchanging timid smiles, but neither of us had approached, much less said a word. I came back from a dip in the water and saw he’d put his shirt on.


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