Red flag warnings when dating

But if he can't even act stable when he first meets you, things are only going to go downhill from there.

And if he doesn't respond to texts or phone calls, that's a warning sign on it's own.

Can you trust him to value your feelings even when he doesn’t understand you?

Character can sometimes be difficult to discern in a dating relationship.

Wouldn’t you rather avoid a messy or potentially abusive relationship if you could? Has he ever gotten so angry that he's actually scared you? If his anger is out of control, it's highly possible that a relationship could turn abusive.

Here are 10 warning signs you shouldn’t date him – even if he is super cute and charming. Even if it hasn't been directed towards you yet, it probably will be in the future.

How many red flags do you need in order to run away and save yourself? Time will tell, his mask will drop, that is why he is pushing for commitment, he wants to hook you before you see the real person under the facade.

I would rather marry an unattractive, boring man with great character than the most charming guy who lacks it.

It’s great conversation fodder when someone displays snapshots of himself on vacation or out with friends, but it’s reasonable to expect at least one clear picture of his face.

If you receive an impersonal message that seems oddly like a form letter, it probably is.

The following is a list of red flags for you to notice and pay attention to when dating someone or beginning a new relationship.

Some of them are indicators that the relationship may become abusive.


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