Error incorrect data to updating

A Yodlee agent is a software component created by Yodlee that collects data from one or several websites.An agent error is a refresh error caused by an error in the agent.Recently, I have been having all kinds of problems with Windows update, especially after the release of Windows 7 SP1.One of the frustrating things about Windows errors is the silly “Get help with this error” message that tells you absolutely nothing about how to fix the errors.Simplify your report design, integration and deployment - and focus on what you do best, core application coding. _______________________________________________ Mi KTe X-Users mailing list Mi KTe [email protected]:// Your mailing list, miktex-users, appears to be either not archived yet, or has had no e-mails sent to it.

As always, feel free to contact the Group Mail support team. For example, an error might occur if the site changed how a page is created and the agent could not read the new page.UAR error stands for User Action Required; it is a refresh error that requires additional user interaction before the error can be resolved.This problem has been SOLVED at: [SOLVED] Windows API error 87: The parameter is incorrect -- View this message in context: from the miktex-users mailing list archive at -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Hi there, this is my first post to this list, and i suspect it to be redundant and already answered, but somehow I can't access the archives.What it means is that there is some form of corruption in the Software Distribution folder.


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