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They will want the HFEA to carefully evaluate the proposal which could raise concerns over the health of any children born from the mitochondrial-transfer technique.

Nevertheless, Simon Fishel, professor of human reproduction and founder of Care Fertility in Nottingham, said there is evidence that injecting additional mitochondria into an IVF egg when it is fertilised with sperm improves the chances of the fertilised egg developing into a healthy early embryo.

Sara, on the other hand, has only one desire, spending time with her new “sister” Rebecca.

When she is rebuffed and her affections not returned, we quickly see a darker, scarier side of the young coed.

Apparently the writers and directors of “The Roommate” (2011) skipped Sunday School when that lesson was being covered, because it appears to have been “borrowed” from the pages of the “Single White Female” (1992) screenplay.

He is one of only two coaches, along with Andy Lopez, to lead teams from more than one school (CSUF Titans and Texas Longhorns) to national titles, and is among the winningest college coaches in history.

He is the first coach to guide teams to national championships in four different decades.

Garrido's Fullerton team defeated Texas in the 1984 College World Series Championship game.

Lauren Storm, Tomas Arana (Rebecca’s Dad), Cherilyn Wilson (Landy), Jacqueline Mazarella (Professor Jacobs), Elena Franklin (Jessica), Carrie Finklea (Marina), Ryan Doom (Rick), Kayden Kessler (Nico), Ashleigh Falls (Make-up girl), Jerrika Hinton (Girl Student), Cameron Lee (Frat guy), Malia Dawkins (Art Student), Karina Clark (Frat party girl), Anna Roberts (Art Student), Heather Rose (Club Goer), Jennifer Cadena (Dorm R.


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